Official Launch

Hello and welcome to Modern Football Analysis, a website dedicated to providing cutting edge analysis of today’s elite level game.

We will use a variety of different audio and visual mediums to provide you with top quality analysis that bring the games to life, delving deeper into the performance and using context to better help our understanding.

Here are our website owners and primary content providers.

Alistair Bain
Stewart Flaherty

Alistair and Stewart have extensive experience in football coaching and analysis, both of whom have been part of multiple title winning teams and aided the development of players who perform at the professional level throughout the world.

Alistair had this to say regarding the launch of Modern Football Analysis:

“I consume a lot of football both personally and professionally, so now having the opportunity to share my analysis with others in greater depth is something I look forward to immensely. Stewart and I are confident that we can provide a platform that is both engaging and educational, and will also serve to help those who seek to gain a greater understanding of how modern analysis can aid your development and ability to help others also.”

Stewart added this:

Both Alistair and I believe that the quality of analysis we produce can help others not only improve their own understanding, but impact the work they do on a daily basis. We believe we have created a platform that will provide entertainment for those consuming our content, but also offer help to those involved in football at any level. ”

You too can join our analysis team by reaching out to either Stewart or Alistair via their twitter handles listed above.

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